To homebrew or to not homebrew?

Is it worth your time to brew your own beer. If that means not having to pay $15 for a six pack I’m game!

The end is near…

      What would breakfast be without it? What would a BLT be without it? Would BBQ cease to exist?

no-hope-no-cash-no-jobs-kevin-bacon-please-dont-die no-hope-no-cash-no-jobs-kevin-bacon-please-dont-die

Smashing Pumpkin Beer

I wish I could understand why so many beer connoisseur have such shitty palettes that allow them to love this pumpkin beer. Its like McRib season all over again.

pump pump

Cleanliness is next to…

Slobs have no place in a kitchen. Period end of story. Not only can you kill someone but you are a bad example of who we are as a profession.

Kitchen Kitchen

Pork: Your New ‘Nasal Tampon’

So let me get this right…you want me to stick some bacon up my nose to stop my nose from bleeding? Not to sure about that but I will admit that having that cured pork smell in my nose all day long isn’t too bad of an idea.

bacon bacon
Just leave Paula Deen and her butter alone!
Paula Deen

Why is there an outcry over her diagnosis of diabetes? I know her recipes give you heart attack by just looking at them but that doesn’t mean she is at fault for you being a lazy fat kid. Get outside and get some exorcize and leave her alone.

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Breweries – Three Floyds
3F-Skull Back

From Arctic Panzer Wolf to Zombie Dust – Three Floyds Brewery is consistently some of the best and hard to find beers in the Midwest and for good reason.

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Cookbook – Garlic and Sapphires

Do restaurant critics really get better service? The short answer is yes is your recognized – but what if you don’t want them to know?

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Excuse me please?!?!

It’s been 20 minutes since you had your water filled and now your finally got your first course…but its cold. Do you blow up or just roll with the punches?

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A New Year for Some New Beer

The only thing growing faster than Gordon Ramsey’s ego is the world of craft breweries. 2012 is going to be an epic year for beer so don’t be shy and jump on the bandwagon – it’s gonna be a sloppy good time!

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